There are as many specific reasons for buying a spa as there are individual people who buy them.

Sundance Spas was established in California in 1979 and from then to the present day we have been learning about how spas benefit our customers and developing and evolving our range of spas so that they deliver those benefits in the best possible way.

It seems to us that the people who love our spas group the benefits that they get from owning a Sundance Spa into four main areas.


Whether it’s family or friends or both, a Sundance Spa provides a focus for you and yours to get together and have some fun. People are going to be more that happy to accept an invitation to an afternoon or an evening in your spa.

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Health Benefits

Sundance Spas deliver the best Hydrotherapy available and the health giving, restorative qualities of bathing in warm water have been well known for two thousand years. The Romans, of course, didn’t have the benefit of Sundance Spas massage jets. Improving your health is one of the most important benefits of owning your own spa.

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The modern world is an increasingly hectic and stressful place. A place to truly relax becomes more and more valuable. Whether you are bathing alone, with a loved one or with a few friends, the warm, bubbling waters of a spa become an oasis of calm.

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‘For your well being’ is a phrase that has found its place in our lives over the last 10 years or so. What does it mean? We think it means looking after your body, your mind and your ‘heart’. A Sundance Spa can help you have a healthy, happy mind in a healthy, happy body. So yes, a spa is ‘for your well being’.

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