Hot Tub Cinema

YourSpa blog image_0001s_0007_Health - GameHot tubs are in the news once again. You might think your wide screen TV is the height of hot tub, film watching luxury but Hot Tub Cinema have other ideas. (more…)

Hiring a hot tub or spa

blog images_0002_Layer 103Increasing numbers of people are enjoying the benefits of hot tub hire, either for parties, holidays or as an extended wet test before they invest in their own spa. (more…)

Sundance Spas appoints Golden Coast as exclusive UK distributor

The world’s biggest producer of hot tubs and spas has announced the selection of Golden Coast – Britain’s biggest independent wet leisure company – as its exclusive UK distributor.

Sundance Spas is a premium brand for customers who realise the importance of investing in their health and relaxation. The manufacturer has a strong reputation worldwide for its technological advancement, durability and stylish design. (more…)

Second hand hot tubs and spas

hot tub blog image_0001s_0007_energy spa2There is a market for second hand and pre-used hot tubs and spas but what should you consider before looking for one? (more…)

Swim Spas

Swimsap01In this article on Swim Spas we look at how they provide a small, self contained pool where you can swim an almost infinite distance. (more…)

Hot tubs. Love them or loathe them?

YourSpa blog image_0001s_0032_Escape2Hot tubs and spas have become such a part of the British lifestyle that they featured in surveys from The Daily Mail and The Telegraph. What did those surveys reveal? (more…)