Choosing your hot tub supplier

Sundance Spas are as proud of our dealer network as we are of our products.

All of our dealers are vetted and each one makes a commitment to the standards and level of service that we expect to offer our customers.

Every Sundance dealer will display at least 4 spas and have at least one spa available for ‘wet testing’. If you want to wet test a Sundance Spa at your local dealer, please ring ahead and book an appointment.

The showroom staff at every Sundance dealer will be well trained and knowledgeable about spas in general and Sundance in particular. We prefer most of the staff in our dealerships to be regular spa users themselves.

Sundance approved dealers will also stock a full range of accessories, replacement filter cartridges and CLEARRAY bulbs.

Below is a list of some of things that we think is important to consider when choosing a spa dealer.


Choose a supplier with a good reputation – consider researching spa suppliers online, how long have they been established, have their installations been recognised through industry awards and how satisfied are their previous customers? What standard of workmanship and aftercare has been received? Can you find customer complaints, and if so, what are they complaining about? You may also want to find out if they have a showcentre where you can view their hot tubs and meet the people behind the company. A well run show centre will often show how committed the company is to what they do. Be wary of online suppliers offering cheap products or installations.

Quality of work

Is the spa supplier able to demonstrate their previous work? Do they have a portfolio of completed work and are you able to see a hot tub that they’ve previously installed, in order to check the quality and finish?

Trade Memberships

Find out if the supplier is a member of any trade body or association, check this with the named trade body and ask whether they provide any assistance or advice to customers should problems arise.


Ask the supplier if they carry out any follow up or feedback with customers. A company that cares about quality and reputation will want to ensure you’re a satisfied customer. Find out how they resolve complaints with customers.

Warranties & Guarantees

Does the hot tub supplier provide a guarantee or warranty? If so, does it cover the essentials, such as the spa structure and heater? Often, a ‘lifetime’ warranty may be limited to parts or the cost of new parts’ installation. Check the terms and conditions to ensure you’re aware of what you’ll actually receive.

Terms and Conditions

When agreeing to purchase your spa, you will be entering into a contract with your hot tub supplier and the service you’re agreeing to will be bound by any terms and conditions provided, so be sure to request a copy and check them. Keeping a copy of these may help you prove what you’re entitled to should any problems arise.

Customer Feedback

If you’re thinking of going ahead with a supplier, you may wish to ask them whether any of their previous customers can provide a recommendation. If so, are you able to speak with them directly? If you are, ask them questions such as; was the spa installation completed on time? Did the costs increase, from the initial quote or estimate? Did they feel involved during the installation – were they happy with the communication received and with the end product? Genuine customer feedback may provide you with a real insight into the service being offered.

Protect your Money

It can be difficult to recover your money if a hot tub supplier goes out of business so try to ensure that your hot tub supplier is reliable and well established. Paying by credit card or linked finance may also help you protect your money if your purchase is covered under the Consumer Credit Act.


To make sure your hot tub is supplied at a reasonable cost, try to obtain at least three quotes from different suppliers. Obtaining a written quote from your chosen supplier can help to avoid future disputes. Be aware that quotes are legally binding whereas estimates can vary.

Maintenance Costs

As well as the cost of buying your spa, you’ll need to consider the ongoing maintenance costs of the spa that the supplier recommends. Questions that you may wish to ask your supplier could include;

  • How often and what will it cost to keep my spa serviced?
  • How much will it cost to run my hot tub?
  • How much time and effort will be required in cleaning and caring for my spa?