Try before you buy. Wet testing your spa

How and why do you wet test a hot tub?

There is such a fantastic range of spas and hot tubs and so many options and extras available that it makes sense to try and wet test at least a couple of models, especially if you have never owned a spa before.

After all, would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?

Many showrooms will have spas and hot tubs set up for display and of course brochures and on-line sites will have pictures and details. But you aren’t buying a spa because of how it looks; you are buying a spa because of how it will make you feel.

If one of the main reasons for you buying a spa is hydrotherapy, then a wet test is really the only way to be absolutely sure that you have made the right choice.

Even if you test the jets against your hand, it’s not the same as feeling their action on the muscles of your back or shoulder or legs. Hands are sensitive. The larger muscles that you are looking to have the spa massage will need greater pressure and stronger water currents.

Hydrotherapy is also very dependent on where exactly the jets are placed in relation to your body.

It might feel a little ‘un-British’ to slip into your bathing suit and jump into a hot tub in a store, but it is the best way to decide whether that spa feels right for you or not.

If hydrotherapy isn’t your primary aim but rather a place for the family to have fun and relax then a wet test can help with that decision as well.

Test the hot tub with your family. Is everyone happy to use each and every one of the seats? It’s tough to relax if you are all squabbling over the ‘best’ seat.

Your local Sundance Spas dealer will be happy to arrange a wet test for you. Just give them a ring and book a time that suits you best so that they can be sure that the spa is warm and running.

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