Covering your hot tub or spa

Here are some of the ways you can cover your hot tub or spa for more privacy, more enjoyment and greater use.

Covering your hot tub with a gazebo.

The word ‘gazebo’ has been used since the 1750’s to describe a freestanding, roofed structure that is open on all or most sides and sits in a park or garden.

Quite where the word comes from, no one seems to know but they do make fabulous settings for outdoor spas and hot tubs.

Gazebos come in a dazzling array of styles, designs and materials and there will definitely be more than one to suit anyone’s taste.

Ideas and themes.

A gazebo over your spa can provide extra privacy if otherwise you would feel overlooked by neighbours or people passing by.

The basic idea of a gazebo is that it has a roof but open sides however, roofs can come with skylights so that you can still gaze up at the sky and the open sides can be screened with trellis or lattice work or perhaps be enclosed on one or two sides and open on the rest.

The first thing to consider is your location and which directions you would like to be screened from. Is it a prevailing wind, a less than perfect view or someone else’s line of sight?

When people talk about their hot tub they often describe it as a haven or an oasis; a secluded tranquil area where they can escape from the rest of the world so when you and your friends and family are in your spa you want to feel that you can totally relax and a well-chosen gazebo will help you to build that environment.

Once you have decided on the practical aspects that the gazebo needs to address, then you can move on to think about themes and styles.

The style of your gazebo might be influenced by the architectural style of your house or simply by your own personal taste.

Some people relate the relaxed environment of a spa to an Asian influence; either the calm, simple lines of a Zen garden, a Chinese pagoda or the lush splendour of a tropical island. There are styles of gazebo available to reflect any of these influences and appropriate planting around the spa will enhance the mood even more.

Palms, ferns and bamboo can make additional screening. Hanging baskets, climbing plants and large-leafed shrubs can add an exotic and tropical flavour.

There are gazebos that are designed to have the feel and charm of a beach house, some that would sit happily alongside an older, traditional looking property and some that are ultra-modern in style.

Whether you are looking to create a mood that is decadent or cosy, calm and relaxed or an ideal spot to entertain, a well-chosen gazebo will set the right mood.

Easy to assemble.

The majority of gazebos come in kit form with straightforward instructions. All you will need to assemble one is a screwdriver, a drill and perhaps a friend to give you an extra pair of hands.

Of course, most manufacturers and suppliers will also offer full on-site construction for a little more cost.

A gazebo may well add to the value of your property but, because of its modular construction, it should also be possible to take it with you should you move house.

Other ways to cover your spa.

There are of course lots of other ways to shelter your hot tub and set a mood and a style.

Architectural canvas is much more readily available than it used to be. A simple wood or metal frame is used to support panels of canvas that are pulled taught by steel guy ropes and look similar to a ship under full sail. The effect can be strikingly architectural and modern or reminiscent of a traditional nautical style.

A pergola is a garden structure that is built from posts and beams and provides a framework for planting. Climbers, ferns and palms can all be used around the pergola to provide a hot tub in the depths of a jungle paradise.

A thatched roof gazebo would make a striking addition to any property and could look like a fairy tale garden folly or a small piece of Africa transported into your back garden.

Whatever theme or style you choose, covering your hot tub in these sorts of ways will mean that you enjoy it more and, given our climate, you will use it more. A good investment whichever way you look at it.

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