Moving your hot tub

Whether you are thinking about moving your hot tub from one spot in your property to another or whether you are moving house and want to take your spa with you, the first steps are the same.


Hot tubs are large and, even when they are empty, relatively heavy. Access from where the tub is to where you want it to be needs to be clear and safe.

When your spa was delivered did it have to be lifted into its position by a crane? If it did, then that’s what you are going to need to get it out.

If the tub was carried in, is that access route still clear? Have there been any new steps or garden walls or new planting in your garden that will make that route less easy or even impossible?


Obviously the hot tub will need to be drained and that is a simple enough task.

Some tubs need to have the equipment pack detached and moved separately, in others it might be fine to leave it in place or fasten it down for travel. The equipment pack consists of your spa’s heater, pump, blower and electrical and plumbing equipment.

The owner’s manual will tell you what to do with your particular model.

The next stage of your preparations should be to enlist the help of a few strong friends and get yourself one or two furniture dollies or sack trucks.

If you are moving over soft ground or up or down steps then sturdy planks and a couple of large sheets of plywood will come in handy.

Muscle and brain.

Once the tub is drained and prepared as per the manufacturers instructions then it’s time to try the move.

If it’s a small tub and you have enough help then it might be possible to keep the tub level, pick it up and simply walk it out.

The best way to move a larger tub might be to set it on its side sitting on one or more furniture dollies. The wheels on the dollies will obviously help with the weight but will sink into grass, earth or gravel – which is where the sheets of ply come in.

If you need to travel over soft ground, put one sheet down and wheel the tub on to that, then the next. When the tub is off the first sheet of ply then that can be put in front and so on till the soft surface has been successfully crossed.

On the road.

Hot tubs need specialist equipment to transport them on the road.

If you are moving house then your removal firm may have the ability to move a spa, they may suggest that you contact a specialist hut tub, moving firm.

Even if you are only moving the spa from A to B on your property, it may well be wise to get one of these specialist contractors in to do the job.

If your tub is dropped then it can easily be damaged. If it’s dropped on a person, serious injury could occur. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and a specialist contractor will have the experience, the knowledge, the manpower and the equipment to make sure that your tub is moved safely.


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