Hot tub furniture

Here are some ideas on what sort of furniture you can use around your hot tub or spa to make a great place for family fun and entertaining.

Relaxing; in and out of the tub.

A hot tub or spa in your garden makes a great place to relax and for people to gather and spend time together.

Not everyone will want to spend all their time in the hot tub, no matter how good it feels, and so it’s a good idea to make the area around your tub a place where friends and family can ‘chill out’.

Decking can be used to give an area where it’s safe and comfortable to be walking around in bare feet. A gazebo can give some privacy and protection from the elements. After that, the next thing to think about is furniture.

Spa stools and spa side tables.

It’s nice for the people in the hot tub to be able to chat to the ones who aren’t soaking and spa side stools make that really easy.

Spa stools are just the right height for your hot tub so that the ones sitting outside the spa are at the same height as those soaking in it.

The stools often come teamed up with either a bar or table that sits against the side of the hot tub for people to put their drinks, snacks or perhaps a game on. Spa bars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; curved straight or semi-circular. There is bound to be a bar and set of stools that is a perfect match with your hot tub.

Wood is a particularly popular material for this sort of hot tub furniture because it goes so well with the decking and, very often, the cladding on the hot tub but spa stools, bars and tables are available in pretty much any material that you would expect to find patio furniture in.

Brolly’s and barbeques.

Large, canvas garden umbrellas work particularly well with hot tubs. They look rather smart and ‘exotic’ and they can be moved around to provide shade or shelter wherever it’s needed.

These big umbrellas come in a range of shapes and sizes and usually incorporate a small winch so that all you have to do open even the biggest umbrella up is just wind a handle and the gears do all the hard work.

Another popular addition to a hot tub area is a barbeque.

You might choose one of the many wheeled barbecues that are on the market so that it can be put safely away when not in use. However a permanent, brick built barbecue really does give the area around your hot tub a great deal of character. Obviously, in either case, you need to make sure that the barbecue is a safe distance from the hot tub and well ventilated.

The spa experience in your own garden.

When you combine a great hot tub, the decking area, a gazebo and some carefully chosen hot tub furniture you will find that you have made a sanctuary from the stresses and pressures of the world and an oasis of fun and relaxation.

It’s worthwhile shopping around and making sure that everything goes together in terms of materials and design.