Where can I locate my hot tub

Indoors or outdoors?

Spas and hot tubs can go either indoors or outdoors but obviously there are things to consider in both cases.

If you are thinking of an indoor installation then the first consideration is one of weight. When full, a 4-seat hot tub will weigh over a 1000kg and that pretty much means that it will have to be on the ground floor.

Access for installation will also be a limiting factor. Any doorway that the tub has to go through will have to be large enough and because they are formed from a solid, vacuum formed shell housed in a wooden or plastic cabinet, a spa isn’t really very much smaller when it is delivered then when it is finally installed.

Hot tubs and spas can produce quite a lot of water vapour and condensation when in use so the ventilation will need to be adequate.

When all these things are considered it’s no surprise that a lot of indoor hot tubs are in poolrooms, garden rooms and solariums.

The great outdoors.

There is something very appealing about the idea of a spa or hot tub outside.

The water will be about 37deg C, you could be surrounded by exotic jungle planting and sheltered by a pergola or gazebo. A therapeutic oasis is the result you are looking for.

The site you choose to place your hot tub must be flat and level. It’s definitely a good idea not to be too far from the house as if you’re using the spa in Autumn or Spring then you might appreciate not having too far to walk. A clean pathway or decking between your hot tub and your house will help prevent you from contaminating the spa water with muddy feet or grass clippings.
Decking around your spa will keep things clean and tidy and also start to make more of a feature of your hot tub.

The site needs to be 10’ from any overhead cables and power lines and there should be enough space around the tub equipment bay for access and servicing; about 4’ should be the minimum.

If the site is sheltered or can be made sheltered by landscaping, fencing or the like then that is all to the good and you might want to choose somewhere where you don’t feel overlooked by neighbours. A gazebo is a popular choice to provide shelter from the elements or the neighbours.

Of course, even placing a spa outdoors, you need to remember their weight in terms of delivery access and if you have a terraced garden or the access is severely limited you may have to think again.

A concrete slab makes the best sort of base to sit your spa on but paving slabs on a good, solid hardcore base may be an option.

Other than that, you simply need access to power and for the tub to be in reach of a garden hose.

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