Hot tub etiquette

Some of the do’s and don’ts of hot tub bathing.

Hot tubs are for sharing.

At the end of a long, hard day you may well feel like taking a good long soak in your hot tub whether there is anyone to share it with or not but in the main, people get together to share that spa experience.

You might share the hot tub with your partner, your whole family or even invite a bunch of friends around. Your hot tub tends to become a focus for entertaining as well as relaxing.

But like all things that we share, things can go more smoothly if everyone follows a few basic guidelines so that all the bathers can feel relaxed and safe.

Before you bathe.

A hot tub is full of warm, bubbling water, but it isn’t a bath and shouldn’t be treated like one.

Everyone should have a shower before a hot tub session and make sure that they are as clean as possible. Lotions, deodorants and conditioners can make the spa water just as cloudy as dirt can and the filters have to work hard to remove them from the water so they should all be avoided.

Bathers should also be careful that they don’t bring any dirt and debris into the spa on the soles of their feet. Clean decking around the hot tub and a towel or foot bath by the spa steps is all that you need to help avoid that.

A clean costume.

In your own home and in the comfort of your own spa, you can do what you want but most people will wear a bathing costume in their hot tub.

Spas are usually outside and people tend to hop in and out of them for a drink or a snack or to get a game or toy and so, a bathing suit just seems to be more appropriate for the majority of hot tub users.

That being said, residue from laundry detergent can make the spa water foamy so the costumes that bathers wear should always be as clean as possible.

A hot tub isn’t a pool.

It should go without saying, but no one should ever jump or dive into a spa.

All hot tub designs will have one area that it is particularly safe and easy to step into and if you have hot tub steps that are placed adjacent to that spot then all your bathers will be getting in and out as safely and easily as possible.

Have a towel on the steps so that people can dry their feet as they get out as wet feet can sometimes cause slips and falls.

Snacks and drinks.

It’s a good idea to make sure that everyone who is using the hot tub stays hydrated so water and cool drinks in plastic glasses work well with a hot tub party but spas and alcohol really don’t mix.

Snacks can be served and there are even floating snack-trays to serve them on but think about what food you are going to serve or share. Crisps and chips and dips are asking for trouble but fruit and things that are less messy will be popular with your bathers and cause less trouble for the spa water.

Hot dogs!

Pets should never be allowed into the spa no matter how much they want to.

It’s very dangerous for your animals and obviously unhygienic and bad for the hot tub water.

And finally…

Children love hot tubs but should never, ever be allowed to use them unsupervised.

If any of your bathers have long hair, it might be wise of them to put it up while they are enjoying their hot tub session.

If anyone has open cuts or sores they shouldn’t use the spa.

Hot tubs are both fun and relaxing, a place to ease aches and pains as much as a place to share a laugh with your friends. By following these few simple rules, everyone will enjoy the experience.


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