What does a spa cartridge do?

Filter-cartridgeCartridge filters are the most common filters in spas and hot tubs but what do they do and how do they work?

Why does my hot tub need a filter?

The water in your hot tub is treated with chemicals to keep it safe and clear but it also needs to be filtered too.

No matter how hard you try, how much care you take, you can’t stop dirt and debris getting into the water in your spa and no chemical treatment will take care of that.

The filter will take solid dirt and dissolved solids out of your spa water as it is circulated. That might be leaves off the breeze and the mud from people’s feet; it might be hair, skin cells and oils.

You don’t want any of that in your hot tub water, do you?

What is a cartridge filter?

A cartridge filter is a one-piece, removable filter that sits in your spa’s plumbing and has the water circulated through it.

Cartridge filters are made of a fine, pleated mesh material, which is usually Dacron. Sundance spas use their own Microclean and Microfibre filters depending on which particular model you own.

The fineness of the mesh strains out the impurities as they get caught in the filter. The filter is pleated to increase the available surface area of the mesh that the water can pass through.

The tight folds allow for a large surface area to the filter even though it is within a fairly small container.

Cartridge filters can, and should, be cleaned on a regular basis and many people will have two filters so that while one is being cleaned the other can be put back into the spa and the spa can still be used.

Cartridge filter care.

The first way of looking after the cartridge filter in your spa is to try and make sure that it doesn’t have too much work to do.

Try to shower before using your hot tub. Things like hair spray, hair styling gel and mousse, deodorants and antiperspirant, sun tan lotions and moisturisers are the toughest for a filter to deal with. These things will clog a filter more quickly than anything else and they can all be washed off before you get in the water.

To clean the cartridge you simply remove it from the spa and soak it in a cartridge cleaning solution that will break down any fats that are clogging the filter as well as killing any bacteria.

Most cartridge filters need to be soaked over night so, as we said, having a spare set means that you can do this while still being able to use your spa.

After soaking, the filter needs to be thoroughly rinsed and there are products available that attach to a hose and do the job thoroughly, quickly and safely.

Generally a cartridge filter will need to be replaced every couple of years but that will depend on how much use your spa gets.

If you notice either of the plastic ends are cracked or the fabric pleats are separating from the plastic ends then the filter needs to be replaced.

Pre-filtering your spa water.

Sundance also offer a Microfiber spa pre-filter. This is a filter that you attach to teh end of teh hose when re-filling your hot tub. It reduces the total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water and increases water quality.

Sundance Spas’ pre-filters are 90% efficient at removing dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium. The MicroFiber pre-filter extends filter life and reduces hard mineral deposits.

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