What is a spa ozone generator and what does it do?


What is ozone?

Ozone is made when three oxygen atoms are bound together.

Ozone is a gas and it does occur naturally – we’ve all heard of the ozone layer, haven’t we – but it can also be man-made and an ozone generator does just that.

An ozone generator works by using an intense UV light to split molecules of oxygen, which have two oxygen atoms, into individual free oxygen atoms. These combine with other oxygen molecules to produce a molecule that has three oxygen atoms; ozone.

Ozone is a much stronger oxidizer of contaminates than plain oxygen because the extra oxygen atom is loosely bound. It breaks loose when it comes in contact with organic material or other contaminants, oxidizing and thereby destroying them in the process.

Because the ozone molecules are constantly breaking apart to do their work, ozone doesn’t last very long and the ozonator or ozone generator needs to be run 4 – 6 hours per day to produce effective amounts.

Why do I want ozone in my hot tub?

The reason for generating ozone in your spa or hot tub is that ozone is a powerful oxidant and as such it helps destroy bacteria, viruses and algae that may be present in the water of your spa.

An ozone generator reduces the need for chemicals in your spa although it doesn’t replace them entirely.

An ozone generator purifies naturally, producing ozone from the atmosphere just using electricity to generate the UV light.

Ozone in your hot tub can reduce maintenance time and cost, prolong equipment life and can reduce smells from chloramines. Some people believe that ozonised water also feels softer to their skin.

Why don’t Sundance Spas use ozone generators?

Rather than use an ozone generator, Sundance have chosen to equip their spas with the CLEARRAY UV water treatment system.


Ozone has a very short half-life, breaking down in just 15 minutes and it isn’t totally effective as a sanitiser so you will need to use bromine or chlorine as well, but in smaller quantities.

Most new spas and hot tubs are ‘ozone ready’ and only require a simple connection of the ozonator kit but there are ozone generators that can be added to any spa, old or new.


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