Bringing in the professionals

Spa repairs and breakdowns.

The original hut tub, a cedar barrel full of warm water that you took a good long soak in at the end of a day, probably didn’t break down very much.

The spa is still a fairly simple concept; an acrylic shell with a pump, a heater, sensors, control panel and some jets.

However, once you add air blowers, ozonators, additional water jet pumps, control systems, lights and even a music system then you are looking at a sophisticated and complicated piece of equipment.

Spas are still very reliable and easy to maintain but if something does go wrong then calling in a professional service engineer may well be the best option.

Knowledge and experience.

Your Sundance service engineer will have a broad range of knowledge and experience in the field.

Whether the problems are mechanical, electrical or chemical it is likely that he or she will have dealt with the sort of fault that your spa is suffering from before.

Making the right diagnosis of a fault is the first step to fixing it. Water may be cloudy because of a chemical imbalance or because the filters are blocked or the pump is not running properly. The pump might not be functioning correctly because of a mechanical failure, a problem with the control system a clogged filter or because there is not enough water in the spa.

It takes experience to diagnose the problem from the symptoms.

Technical backup.

Your Sundance service engineer will carry a wide range of spares and parts but they will also have access to the technical support services that are provided by Sundance Spas.

That quality of technical support is very important in helping to solve a problem quickly and efficiently.

Any electrical work carried out on your spa or hot tub must be done by a qualified electrician who is Part P registered.

A regular service.

Prevention is always better than cure. Many Sundance dealers will offer an annual service in order to maintain your spa’s good condition and catch any faults before they become a problem.

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