Top Tips

fix-spaSome of our dealers have compiled a list of the top 10 do’s and dont’s for spa owners.

1  Always fill the hot tub through the filter housing.
This will remove any airlocks from around circulation pumps and heaters; it should reduce the possibility of heater burn out.

2  Never use swimming pool chemicals only Hot Tub Chemicals.
Swimming pool chemicals are corrosive to rubber seals inside hot tubs and can make for very expensive repairs.

3  System flush system flush, system flush.
Every water change use a decent system flush this will reduce the biofilm inside the pipe work that harbours nasty things and give you a more stable water environment for stable chemicals.

4  Check inside your hot tub at least one time every year.
Service calls are expensive, take the sides of the hot tub yourself and look for leaks around pump shaft seals and heater unions, dried chemical looks like white powder when its dried and is usually a sign of a leak.

5  Always switch the spa off to change the filter and do work.
Be careful when putting filters back into skimmer baskets, I have been caught out several times putting the basket back into the skimmer and getting a finger or 2 caught, or worse if the pump is still running and you have long hair it can get caught on the shaft of a rotating pump.

6  The answer to the question how much does my hot tub cost me per week?
Buy a ‘Wireless Electricity Meter’ (cost around £30) these great little devices are really easy to use and fit on the live cable going to the hot tub, count the amount of units the hot tub uses and multiply it by your electric unit cost. Then you have the exact cost.

7  Use Scale Inhibitor.
Scale inhibitor will keep the minerals and metals in your water from damaging your hot tub. (Note always read the bottle before use)

8  Use Non chlorine shock.
Non Chlorine shock is great after or before a heavy bathing session, it differs from Clarify (which makes you more work by congealing particles and blocking your filter), Non chlorine shock breaks down heavy sweat, grime and after any little accidents and parties.

9  Vinyl Cleaner.
Use a quality vinyl cleaner like 303 Protectant on the vinyl cover of your hot tub, covers can cost up to £450 to replace so a little cleaner at £19 can save you a lot of money. Vinyl cleaner makes the cover waterproof, contains sunblock and moisturises the vinyl. New covers do not have any protection on them.

10  Always use an Ozone unit.
These can save you a lot of money by reducing the amount of sanitiser required in your hot tub or spa. (Note Ozone units only tend to last 2 years and need either the bulb or chip replacing).