‘Winterising’ is a term that you may or may not be familiar with when it comes to hot tubs and spas.

Basically, it means ‘preparing your spa for winter.’

Hot tubs and spas are popular all over the world and that means that some of those winters are very, very cold indeed.

Here in the UK, the average winter temperature is about 4deg C. Of course some areas are colder than others and the temperature will drop a long way below that but it does mean that the UK is an ideal place to keep your hot tub running all year around.

Indeed, many people think that winter is the best time to enjoy a good, long soak in the warm, bubbling water of a Sundance spa.

However, if you do want to close up your hot tub for the winter there are certain things that you need to do in order to avoid damage from any freezing weather that might occur.

So the choice is yours.

Preparing your hot tub for winter

If you are going to close your spa up for the winter this is what you need to do.

Running your hot tub throughout winter

If you are going to enjoy your spa through the winter months, this is what you need to do.