Preparing your hot tub for winter

Winterising your spa.

With three harsh winters in a row behind us and another one forecast, you could choose to tough it out and keep on using your spa whatever the weather – and there is good fun to be had in that as these are exactly the conditions that your hot tub was designed for– or you could take steps to close your spa down over the colder months.

All the insulation that keeps your spas warmth in will, of course, help keep the winter cold out but spas are susceptible to damage by freezing and that damage can be very expensive to repair. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

Your local spa professional will be happy to winterise your hot tub for you but if you feel confident in doing the job yourself, then this is what you do.

Draining your hot tub for the winter months.

  • Turn off the power supply to your spa and then drain all of the water out of the tub by connecting a hose to the drain outlet. Make sure you leave the drain spigot open. If there is no drain fitted the you will need to pump or siphon the water out.
  • Turn the spa heater off and then turn the power back on to your spa. Run the air blower just for 30 seconds so as to blow any water out of the air channel under the spa seats. You don’t need to do this if you haven’t got an air blower.
  • Disconnect the tub from the power supply again.
  • Using towels or a wet/dry vacuum cleaner get all the water out of the foot well and jets that might not have already been drained.
  • Remove the cartridge filter and make sure the filter compartment is dried.
  • Loosen the quick disconnect fittings on the heater and pump. Water should drain out. If there is a drain plug on the pump housing then remove that and leave it open. (Take care to store the plug in a safe place.)
  • Blow any last remaining water out of the jet piping.
  • The spa should be dry now so you can put the cover on and secure it.
  • If your spa is exposed outside then check to make sure that no water has got in particularly after snow or heavy rain. Also check the cover for sap, birdlime and leaves that might cause discoloration.

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to put anti-freeze in your spa.

If you have any woodwork on the tub then a rub down with some suitable oil will help restore the colour and protect it over winter.