Running your hot tub throughout winter

Man-in-snowMore people are realising the pleasures of keeping their spa running throughout the winter. Here are a few ways of making that more economical and enjoyable.

Hot tubs in the cold.

When summer comes to an end, some people winterise their spa and wait for the sun to return. For others it just marks the beginning of the season when they enjoy their spa the most.

There is no reason not to enjoy the relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits of your spa all year around. It really is just a matter of personal taste.

If you do choose to keep your hot tub running through the winter – and we highly recommend that you do – here are a few simple things that you can do to make it more enjoyable and economical.

Set your spa controls.

Some spas have a freeze protection system – what better proof is there that the spa manufacturers think their products should be enjoyed in all weathers.

When the weather looks set to turn really cold, make sure that freeze protection is activated.

If your spa isn’t equipped with freeze protection, don’t worry. Use the timer on the heater to turn the heat on at suitable intervals and have the heat set to a little higher than the bare minimum.

In recent years we have had some bitterly cold winters and if the temperatures look set to drop to arctic levels then you might need the heater to come on as often as 15 minutes in every hour.

If you are using your spa every day then it might be more economical to keep the hot tub set at a constant temperature rather than having it continually cool down and heat up.

Turn the air jets off. In the winter they are sucking in cold air and injecting it into your spa and that will make the heater work harder and increase the energy consumption.

Covers and blankets.

A worn out and inefficient cover is going to cost you a lot of money in lost heat. If you are going to enjoy your spa during the winter then a really good, well insulated, spa cover and a cover lifter are a sensible investment.

Another sensible addition to your hot tubs insulation is a floating thermal blanket that will also significantly reduce heat loss and therefore the running costs.

To cover your friends and family while they are using the hot tub, a spa umbrella will give you all shelter from rain or snow.

People are enjoying their hot tubs in the cold from the Alps to Alaska.

If you have never tried it, it really is a uniquely enjoyable experience and hopefully these few simple tips will make it more likely that you give it a go.

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