Become a Sundance Dealer

Join our international network of professional retailers.

Interested in starting a spa business? Sundance Spas is ready to move into new areas, and we’re looking for people who are serious about their careers and recognize the value of partnering with an organization dedicated to the success of its spa business dealers. With a full staff of professionals trained to serve our dealers and customers, we’re ready to help you get started in the hot tub business. From setting up your new store to providing in-store displays and sponsoring seminars, we can show you how to become a Sundance Spas sales success story.

Do you fit the Sundance dealer profile?

Sundance Spas dealers are entrepreneurs who know that hot tubs appeal to a wide range of consumers. Relaxation, entertainment, family time, a more beautiful backyard, improved health and well-being – the promise of the at-home spa lifestyle is high on the luxury index for people all over the world. Our spa business dealers recognize that nobody delivers on the promise like Sundance, the company known for setting the industry standard for quality and innovation since 1979.

A majority of Sundance Spas dealers have been with the company for more than ten years. There are a number of reasons for this impressive record of success, starting with the dealers themselves, who are located in more than 60 countries.

What’s the formula for success in the hot tub industry?

It takes a winning formula to attract new customers, generate sales, and build a successful dealership. It also requires sticking to a proven formula that works consistently in the hot tub business, year after year. Our formula for leadership in the hot tub industry includes:

High-quality products

  • Excellence in design and manufacturing
  • Forward-thinking technology

There is a Sundance model for every backyard, and each one provides the best in hydrotherapeutic massage and advanced water purification for easy care. Along with a superior product line, the key ingredients for success are:

  • Comprehensive company support
  • Effective sales and service training programs
  • Results-driven marketing

Sundance Spas provides all of this to its dealers. So who fits the Sundance Spas dealer profile? Individuals with a professional approach to business; people who never settle for anything less than the best.

Two things hot tub shoppers look for:

  1. Will my hot tub be easy to take care of? If a hot tub’s water is always pure and clean, you’re more likely to enjoy it often. The exclusive Sundance MicroClean™ water purification system, built into most models, helps ensure that the water is always clear, and ready to be enjoyed. Maintenance is easy, too.
  2. Do your hot tubs have the features I want? Powerful patented jets, in more varieties than you can find in other hot tubs, are a key indicator of excellence for Sundance Spas buyers. They also look for innovative features like the new iPod® docking station included with the stereo option in select models. Dramatic waterfalls, colored LED lighting, Hydrotherapy spa therapy seating, and aromatherapy, all available from Sundance, are high on their lists, too.


  • Sales lead generation and online management
  • Comprehensive retail merchandising
  • Professional showroom designer
  • National sales event promotions
  • Competitive consumer financing
  • “Premier” dealer incentives
  • Volume discounts
  • 45-days free inventory flooring
  • Co-op available
  • Off-site event support
  • Show team sales support
  • Attractive incentives for retail sales personnel
  • Rewards points for aftermarket products
  • Annual dealer conference
  • Yellow Pages advertising
  • co-op program

The value of ongoing training and support

Effective product, sales, and service training is critical to successful selling. Sundance Spas dealers are instructed by professional sales facilitators who utilize specialized training materials designed to make selling easier. They teach dealers how to get the most from merchandising, as well, and familiarize them with the company’s operations and service.
Sundance offers sales training several times a year throughout the U.S. and around the globe. We also present at least four technical seminars each year at our facility in Chino, California, and many more at locations worldwide.

Show-team support helps you and your staff.

Participating in home shows, local fairs, mall sales or other off-site events can stretch the limits of a showroom staff. To help alleviate the stress, Sundance utilizes a professional national show team. The show team, trained on all Sundance products, travels to your event location and helps you get the most sales from your show. This helps keep your staff free to carry out the important job of assisting customers in the showroom.

Our websites help you grow.

A recent survey indicated that more than 70 percent of consumers searched the Internet before buying a spa. Sundance Spas uses proven strategies to help consumers find our website. The site is designed to drive them directly to our dealers’ stores. We also provide links to dealers’ sites and notify our dealers of leads generated from Our web-based Sundance Spas Dealer Community site provides dealers with a 24-hour comprehensive source of technical, sales, and marketing materials and information. It also includes an online store where dealers can order from Sundance.